Monday, March 17, 2014

Early Reviews for On the Pineapple Express Are Not Disappointing

 Pelican Book GroupWhat are readers saying about Book 2 in the Pure Genius Series, On the Pineapple Express?

"Fast-paced, exciting, scary, violent when necessary, and always Christian, this is a great book with twin messages, of faith and fact, for teens and adults of all ages."

"H.L. Wegley has woven together an action filled story with purpose. I really appreciate how he calls attention to the awful reality of human trafficking and the need to take action."

"Non-stop action and tension keep you turning the pages in a fast-paced race against disaster. The close point of view puts you in their (main characters’) heads and lets you feel the tension."

"'God’s better than bullets,' says one of the characters in H. L. Wegley’s Christian suspense novel, On the Pineapple Express. But this is no tale of simple thrills and deus ex machina. The God of this novel is very real. The primary characters are believable, authentic Christians, with real problems and concerns."

"The author combines real issues and real faith into pure, thrilling fiction with expert ease. The novel never feels preachy. The situations never feel contrived. And the characters never feel false, even when contemplating the beginnings of new faith."

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